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How do the discounts & cash back refunds work?
Cash back refunds & discounts happen automatically via the Group Shop app, as a merchant you set the discount and cash back rewards. Once a customer completes a purchase on your store, they receive a cash back refund offer on the thank you page with a link to their personalized Group Shop page. Customers are incentivized to share the page with 5 friends in exchange for cash back rewards. Friends get discounts when they shop & the customer who shared the page earns a cash back reward for each successful referral. Please contact us to see Group Shop in action.
Can I select which of my customers receive cash back refunds & discounts?
You can decide which products on your store customers earn cash back on. You can choose to implement Group Shop cash back rewards on all products or only a single product. We are adding more segmentation tools if you have a special segmentation request please contact us.
Does Group Shop work with subscription products?
Yes Group Shop works with subscription products on Shopify. Your customers will receive cash backs and discounts on their first subscription purchase or payment. Our app only works on the first initial purchase. Please contact us to learn more.
Do I have to manually process the cash back refunds & discounts?
No, the Group Shop app automatically processes all cash back refunds & discounts accurately. You can sit back and focus on the things that matter most our app is 100% automated.
What if a customer gets more than 5 friends to join & shop their Group Shop
In the case that a customer gets 5+ friends to shop from their Group Shop we reward the customer by giving them a 50% cash back refund & for 10 friends we refund 100% of their order. We cover the difference between your max discount amount and the milestone unlocked by the customer. For example, if your max discount amount is 30% off & your customer unlocked the 5 friends milestone. We refund the customer 50% of the order and add the price of the extra 20% as a credit to your account on your next bill. This is the same process if the customers unlocks the 10 friends milestone and gets a 100% refund.