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Group Shop how it works

Create a campaign

Easily add products to your Group Shop directly from your shopify store. Set the discount & cash back rewards your customers earn for shopping & sharing your brand with friends.


Customize your settings

Next, customize the Group Shop experience for your customers. Add brand colors, logos, pop ups etc. You fully control how your customers experience your brands Group Shop.

Group Shop how it works
Group Shop How it works

More Customer, More Sales!

The Group Shop app runs in the back ground of your store, post purchase, & turns each customer into a potential brand influencer.

Group Shop how it works
No Friction

Group Shop campaigns are auto opt-in & 100% automated

Group Shop how it works
Rich analytics

Deep analytics on your campaign performance

Group Shop how it works

The Group Shop app is fully customizable

Group Shop how it works
Easy setup

Download and set up takes less than 5 minutes