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Turn One Customer Into Five With Group Shop

We make it extremely easy for your customers to shop & share your products with friends.

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Boost your organic word of mouth sales

Facebook & Google ads are great but nothing beats a friend's recommendation. We drive more organic word of mouth sales for your store by rewarding your existing customers for shopping & sharing your brand with friends.

How does it work

Group Shop How it works


The Group Shop app is activated once a customer completes a purchase on your store.


Post purchase, a personalized Group Shop page is created. Your customers can share their Group Shop page with friends or shop from it themselves.

Group Shop How it works
Group Shop How it works


Friends who make a purchase from the Group Shop page get an exclusive discount & the customer who shared the page earns a cash back reward.

Why this works

Group Shop works because everyone wins! Customers earn cash back for sharing your brand with friends, friends discover your brand & get a discount when they shop, your brand acquires a new customer affordably and builds retention.

Group Shop Description
Group Shop How it works
build excitement

Rewards that get your customers excited.

When a customer gets 5 friends to join their Group Shop we refund 50% of their order & for 10 friends we refund 100% of their order. The 50% & 100% cash back refunds are subsidized by Group Shop. We essentially pay your customers to share your products.

Group Shop How it works
Acquire customers

Customer acquisition made affordable.

Digital customer acquisition costs have more than 5x in the past 3 years. Cut down on ad spend by turning your existing customers into brand influencers. Use our platform to cut out the middle man (facebook/google) & get directly in front of potential customers.

Group Shop How it works
Group Shop How it works
Group Shop How it works
Get more sales

Built to drive conversions.

Our simple & fast direct to checkout interface removes all friction from the customer experience. Your customers do not need to create a Group Shop account or sign in. All discounts & cash back refunds happen automatically, no need to create coupon codes or manually give cash back refunds.

How do you win

You get more customers & sales organically by building a word of mouth sales engine for your brand. Add a Group Shop to your store and start seeing the benefits today.

of people trust friend referrals over ads
cost to acquire a customer on FB/IG
of people discover new brands via WOM

Features That Convert To Sales

We built the Group Shop app with features that put you in control.

We offer a free abandoned cart feature that helps you win back lost customers. We reach out to customers who did not complete check out on your store and offer them discounts & cash back rewards when they complete their order.

Abandon Carts

Group Shop works with subscription products. Acquire more subscribers for your brand by rewarding loyal subscribers for telling the world about your product. Recurring revenue is the best type of revenue & we help you get more of it.

Subscription Products

92% of consumers are more likely to trust friend recommendations than any other type of advertising. With built in social proof the Group Shop app converts website visitors into high value customers.

Social Proof

Our direct to checkout interface makes it extremely easy and quick for your customers to complete a Group Shop purchase.

Better Conversions

Track sales, conversion rates, button clicks, and much more. Get a detailed look into your customer behaviors & discover what gets your customers excited & talking.

Data & Insights

Instead of customers receiving huge discounts upfront, group shop discounts happen post purchase as a cash back incentive. Your customers earn cash back only after their friends shop your brands Group Shop page.

Smart Discounting

The group shop app is fully customizable. Experiment with different products, discounts, & cash back incentives to achieve your sales and marketing goals. Incorporate your brand colors and logo for a more branded customer experience.


The Group Shop app works perfectly on all mobile devices. Our also has SMS integrations enabling you to reach more customers on mobile.

Mobile Optimized

We are always available on email or via in app chat to help get you set up and growing.

24/7 Support

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